As your child gets older, the more technology-based their toys are going to get. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be just as educational as the toddler toys they had in preschool, though.

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to robot toys, so how do you pick the one that your child will love? That can be a challenging question, but we have found three of the best robot toys we think any kid will love. Let's take a look at what they entail.

Top Race Robot Dog Toy

Rainbrace Smart Robot Toy

Sphero SPRK+ Robot Ball

Best Robot Toy for Kids Reviews

Top Race Robot Dog

Our first entry is a fun and interactive robot dog. It is a cool-looking toy that will keep both children and kids at heart entertained for hours.


When crafting this robot dog, the team at Top Race focused on quality and functionality. They knew they needed to include the following features:

  • Good for ages 3 and up
  • Comes programmed with 12 directives
  • Able to imitate 10 animals
  • Comes with 7-function remote control
  • Powered by 600Mah/7.4V rechargeable battery
  • Remote use 2 AA batteries – not included

There is a lot to love about this cool-looking, futuristic robot dog. It is a toy that will be perfect for all ages. With a versatile list of functions, it will never get boring playing with this robot for you or your child.

It can be controlled with voice or through the use of a remote, and that gives it even more versatility. All of that makes this one great investment that will lead to hours of enjoyment.

There are a few issues, however, that we feel should be addressed before the final decision is made. The robot is crafted in plastic. This makes it less durable than other options. Because of the plastic used, there is a lack of protection from scratches.


  • Can be controlled with voice or remote
  • Can imitate a wide range of animals
  • Good for all ages to enjoy
  • Can sing and dance - plenty of fun for kids


  • Crafted in plastic
  • Can get scratched up with rough use

Rainbrace Smart Robot

Our next robot is a remote-controlled option that has a lot of entertainment value. Crafted with a wide range of functionality, this robot is one of the best toys on the market today.


If you want a very cool robot, you will need to build it with a lot of features that are designed to optimize its performance. For this model, that meant including the following:

  • Equipped with collision detection sensors
  • Able to program up to 50 moves
  • Good for ages 3 and up
  • Able to sing and dance
  • Able to be recharged via USB

This robot has some amazingly fun and innovative functions. It is crafted with remote control options and motion sensors, as well. Thus, you can make this robot dance and sing with a swipe of the hand.

One of the best things is that you will be able to do this for a long period of time due to the extended battery life. All of that makes this an option that is well worth the price.

Even with all the amazing features and functions, there are still a few drawbacks that might cause some to pause before buying it.

None of these have to do with the robot itself, but rather with some of the peripheral pieces like the remote and the instruction manual. The remote has some functionality issues. Along with that, the manual is a little difficult to read.


  • Able to perform many functions for added versatility
  • Able to use gesture sensing to activate
  • Has a good battery life
  • Price versus value is good compared to similar products


  • Some issues with the functionality of remote control
  • Instruction manual is difficult to read

Sphero SPRK+ Robot Ball

This is not only a fun robot, but it is also one that teaches your child a very important skill. Crafted with high-quality details and programs, you and your kid will be learning while having fun.


This is one robot that is not only fun but educational, as well. Coding is one of the skills that could lead to more in your child's future. That means when the team at Sphero set out to design it, they wanted to concentrate on that aspect.

While they did that, they made sure to include the following features along with it:

  • Used to learn coding and creation
  • Built-in programmable sensors
  • Constructed with colorful LED lights
  • Comes with a Sphero Edu app
  • Crafted with materials that are scratch and waterproof
  • Bluetooth compatible

When you look at this robot, there is a lot to take in. From the software and programmed functions to the materials used in its construction, durability and quality is what you will find. It is scratch-proof and water-resistant.

There is nothing about this robot that isn’t fun. Plus, it comes with a cool coding app that will not only keep children entertained but you, as well.

In spite of all those amazing things, there are still some concerns that have been raised in regard to this robot. It is not compatible with all the company’s apps, and that is troubling for those looking for an upgradeable option. It also doesn’t have a great battery life, either. That could limit the fun for some.


  • Easy to set up and program
  • Designed to be scratch and water-resistant
  • Offers a high level of fun
  • Comes with an excellent coding app


  • Not able to use Sphero app
  • Doesn’t have a great battery life


There are a lot of gadgets and toys out there that you can invest in. Choosing the right one is the challenge. You can go for one that offers fun while still being educational.

Like the Sphero option above, pick one that brings with it the knowledge that can be used later in life. We know that one of these three options for the best robot toys for kids has something for everyone.